Safely send and receive (large) files. Simply and quickly via your Outlook environment or web portal

Why secure e-mail?

Prevent a data breach

According to research from the EU data protection authority, most data leaks occur by sending personal data to the wrong recipient. Before you know it, privacy-sensitive data of your organization and / or clients are out there, available for everybody to see. You can easily prevent this by protecting your email environment.

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Comply with laws and regulations under the general regulation of personal data (GDPR)

The European Privacy Act, the GDPR, obliges all countries within the EU to secure personal data in the same secure manner. For companies, this means that files can only be send securely if the e-mail environment is modified accordingly.

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Privacy - Protect privacy sensitive information

Files shared by organizations often contain privacy-sensitive information. If this information becomes accessible to unauthorized people, it will have consequences for both your organization and your business relations. Therefore it is important to always encrypt your files.

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Highlighted features

Encrypt your e-mail and attachments

Secure your e-mail messages and/or attachments, no extra clicking, right from your own familiar Outlook environment.

No file size limit

Send files larger than 2GB simply and securely with no restriction.

Track e-mails

Track your sent e-mails. See if they have been received and if the attachments have been downloaded.

Verification of e-mail and attachments

Prevent privacy sensitive information from being sent to the wrong recipient. Verify the attachment and e-mail addresses before sending.

End-to-end encryption

Encrypt your e-mail message. Make attachments accessible only to an authenticated recipient.

Block attachments after sending

Has privacy-sensitive information been sent to the wrong person? You can still block the attachments after sending.

Retention period

Choose how long you would like the files to be available for.

Strongly encrypted TLS network connection

A Transport Layer Security (TLS) connection secures the internet connection.

Web portal

Allow clients to send encrypted files through an upload page on your own website.

Password protection

Send files using extra security. The recipient has a unique password that they can use to download the files.

Upload request

Send an upload request to the individual who you would like to receive files from.


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Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming


De Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming (AVG) verplicht bedrijven en overheden om persoonsgegevens te beschermen én inzichtelijk te maken. Eén van de omgevingen waar veel persoonsgegevens in worden verwerkt, is e-mail. De hoeveelheid privacygevoelige data die per e-mail wordt verstuurd, wordt vaak door bedrijven onderschat.