Behind the scenes we are working hard on our latest product version, V4. To keep you informed of all developments, we will share a new or updated feature every Friday in our “Feature Friday.” This Friday: Improved branding options

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Why branding?

Using branding in your communication adds visibility to your organization. This can be the use of logo’s and colours, but also visuals and even written communication. Besides visibility, branding also communicates the how and why of your business, like:

  • the reasons and motivations
  • your business culture
  • a professional style
  • how you want others to describe your organization
  • When you use external services, like web- or uploadportals, it would be a big plus if you use them in your own branding. By doing so, it would all fit perfectly in the whole environment and therefore you give value to the visibility of your organization.

    The improved branding options

    V4 will have better and improved branding options. This means that communication in your own branding, while using SmartLockr’s services, will be easier and better. In short, it will allow you to use adjust the interface of your portals, e-mail environment and also the secured communication channels (will be presented soon).

    These are the improved options V4 will bring you soon:

    1. Add your companylogo

    It will be possible to upload your own companylogo, so it will be visible in every desired environment within SmartLockr. You can easily adjust this logo, to every size you prefer.

    2. Add a background image

    Would you like to give the background that little extra? Upload your own background image and change the look and feel to your company branding.

    3. Change the colours

    In the current version it’s only possible to use the pre-set colours. That will change in V4, because then it’s possible for you to change the primary and secundary colours. Do you use a lot of (different) colours in your branding? In our newest version you will be able to use them in your interfaces.

    4. Adjust fonts

    Besides the colours, you’ll have the option to change the fonts. SmartLockr uses Google Fonts, which give you the possibility to choose from a wide range of different fonts.

    5. Change the “from” of emails/emailnotifications

    Not only do we have improvements for the visual brandingaspects, but als for written communication. V4 allows you to change the “from” in emailcommunication. Currently, notifications send by SmartLockr will be send from a “” address. By adding a domain name, i.e. your organization, it will be possible to let SmartLockr send out emails by …@[your organization] . This creates more visibility and increases more trust from your customers when they receive an email.

    The improved branding options of SmartLockr increase the visibility and recognizibility of your organization. But, this is only one of the many new features SmartLockr has to offer.

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