Behind the scenes we are working hard on our latest product version, V4. To keep you informed of all developments, we will share a new or updated feature every Friday in our “Feature Friday.”

This Friday: Blocking emails after sending. This is a functionality that could help you out in case you’ve sent data to the wrong recipient, or wrong data to a recipient. Curious how? You’ll read all about it in todays blog.

Sharing documents is as easy as that. You compose an email, select the recipient(s) and attachment(s) and hit the send button. There you go, your email is on its way! But in every case, if you don’t pay attention there is always a possibility that a mistake slipped through. What if you find out that you have sent the wrong attachments? Or the right ones, but to the wrong recipients? In other words: what are the consequences for your organization if data reached the wrong recipient?

Lack of awaresess

An email sent to the wrong recipient can cause big troubles, for both your organization as for the involved persons. Recently, another municipality in the Netherlands faced a databreach. Cause? An email with privacy sensitive information was sent to a wrong email address. Unfortunately, there was no way the email could be pulled back. So in this case this municipality got itself in an unpleasant situation.

Processing sensitive data starts with awareness. Were the right attachments selected? Is the message addressed to the right recipient? Are you sure you want to share this information in this message? If you can confirm this, then yes. Right? Unfortunately, we all know that accidents are waiting to happen. But, SmartLockr even has a solution for that.

Block your data after sending

Earlier, we wrote about the Tracking & Blocking functionality. This makes it possible to track your sent items and see the status of this message. You can see if the message is delivered and read. But, there is more to make working with SmartLockr convenient. If the email is unread, then there is no way this recipient can read the message.

If it turns out that you’ve sent information to the wrong recipient, there are 3 options:

1. Block recipient
Whether you send an email to multiple recipients or just one: it can happen that you’ve selected a wrong email address. With just one simple click you can block this recipient.

2. Block attachments
Were the right recipients selected, but are there attachments that need to be blocked? Then this is made possible as well. With SmartLockr you can choose specific attachments to block, per recipient.

3. Block the whole email
The last option is to block the whole email. In this case both recipients and attachments will be blocked.

By making it possible to block privacy sensitive information, SmartLockr will be more user-friendly. But this is only a fraction of the new features which we are offering you in our new version.

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