Behind the scenes we are working hard on our latest product version, Version 4. To keep you informed of all developments, we will share a new or updated feature every Friday in our “Feature Friday.”

This Friday: Email body encryption. Are you curious about what this exactly is? Then keep on reading, because in todays blog we will explain to you ho wit works.

Secure privacy sensitive data

Email providers enable us to send and receive messages and files. Simply, by using a registered email address and password. We compose an email, select files and there you go: the email can be sent!

But, we often face limitations within such an email provider. What about limitations in filesize or even security. In cases where we share information where no privacy sensitive data is envolved, there is no reason to worry. Let’s say, you need to check with the officemanager if the right flowers have been ordered for the office. Chances are that no privacy sensitive data will be discussed in this email. But what if the content of the emails will be more focussed on data of which you don’t want to be shared with the wrong persons? Like patient data, customer files or creditcard information? In this case we’d recommend to send a fully encrypted email, in which both message and file are sent out securely.

Email encryption with SmartLockr

The fundamental idea of email encryption is simple: the email will be sent out securely. This means the entire email. So, both message and files will be secured.

The strength of our current product is that all files are sent out in a secure way, where only the sender and the receiver will have access to the files. By using end-to-end encryption we make sure only the authorized receiver will be able to view and download these files. Even if the email will be intercepted before it arrives at the receiver, there is no way others can view the files.

In Version 4 we go on to the next step: not only files will be protected, but also the email itself can be blocked for unauthorized persons.

Example: You are about to send some information to the Finance department within your company. A document with financial data is requested and therefore you need to send an email with this document. Oh, you almost forgot to include the creditcard details which were used for some transactions that were made the previous period. So, with this file you compose an email with some privacy sensitive data.

Version 4 enables email body encryption, where both files and message are protected. For you as the sender of an email it doesn’t matter where you decide to include sensitive data. Have you collected all your data and did you put it in a file? No problem, your file will be sent out securely. Or do you prefer to send an email in which you include your message? That’s fine as well, because now the whole emailbody will be secured too.

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