Behind the scenes, we are working hard on our Intelligent Data Protection Platform. To keep you informed on all developments, we will share a new or updated feature every Friday in our “Feature Friday.” Today we’ll tell you more about sending large files – in an easy and safe way.

Large file upload

A lot of files are sent on a daily basis. That shouldn’t be a big problem. Neither, that these files go by multiple formats because most applications support different format types. But what can be a problem, is file size. We all have experienced such a thing: you are about to send a large file, or files, when you get a notification that your file is too big. A lot of applications don’t support files > 25MB. Luckily, there are options like WeTransfer or Dropbox to send large files with. So, the problem with sending large files? That issue is fixed now…or not?

If we look at the possibility of sending large files, then we would say that everything is all fine now. But we forget an important thing here: the protection of data sent by these applications. Because the main focus of these applications is not data protection but sending large files. So choosing such an application may seem convenient, but apparently this only covers the part of sending large files.

Large files > 25 MB with SmartLockr

SmartLockr has the right solution for this. It’s possible to send files >25 MB, without any problem. This is more than the average application. But ofcourse, there is more. Because sending large files with SmartLockr, means sending large files in a secure way. So, you can kill two birds with one stone. Simple and safe!

Would you like to stay up-to-date on the features we are working on? Then keep on eye on our weekly Feature Friday!

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