Accountants are faced with a difficult challenge when it comes to GDPR. How can you, as an accountant, do your job to the best of your ability when the new laws seem to conflict with the very thing you are meant to do? Providing advice based on a client’s data when, under the new privacy laws, it is not always possible to record that data doesn’t seem like such a simple process anymore.
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For example, bank transactions, staff and salary details, debtor information and other financial and privacy sensitive data that is exchanged daily. As an accountant you are always working with data and files from clients which may also contain personal data. The consequences of the GDPR for this branch mean that as an office you must be able to prove that you have undertaken both correct technical and organisational measures.

One of those measure is secure communication between you and the client. Many accountancy firms use portals to exchange documents. If take a critical look at the daily work processes, we often see that those portals aren’t being used as they ought to be. Still standard email is being used as a means to exchange documents: meaning that files are not being sent securely. And when emails are being sent insecurely, there’s a big data breach risk.

With SmartLockr you reduce the data breach risk by 97%. Start with securely emailing and prevent complete annual reports from falling into the wrong hands. This will result in both your firm and your clients running the least amount of risk.
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“It’s important to our organisation to share files safely. That’s why we offer our clients and relations their own uploadservice. Safe, easy and effective.”

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