Verification of E-mail and attachments

Prevent privacy sensitive information from being sent to the wrong recipient. Verify the attachment and e-mail addresses before sending.

Did you know that most data leaks are caused by human error and not by external threats? More than 50% of data leaks are caused by sending personal data or other confidential information to the incorrect recipient. According to a study by the Dutch Data Protection Authority this was the number 1 cause of data leaks in 2017.
By making users aware of possible pitfalls you can work proactively to avoid data leaks in your organisation. SmartLockr Secure E-mail offers you the right tools to drastically reduce the chance of data leaks. The e-mail and attachment verification system prompt the sender to double check the e-mail address and attachments before the e–mail can be sent. This reduces the chance of a data leak by 98%.