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Feature Friday – Email Body Encryption

Behind the scenes we are working hard on our latest product version, V4. To keep you informed of all developments, from now on we will share a new or updated feature every Friday in our "Feature Friday." This Friday: e-mail body encryption. Data encryption and data...

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Email Encryption Is Now Mandatory in Denmark

Since January 1st the Danish Data Protection Agency (DDPA) has introduced a law that requires organizations in the private sector to use encryption for email when transmitting confidential or sensitive personal data. The rule was first announced on July 23rd, 2018, as...

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Five most important cybersecurity trends for 2019

After the introduction of the GDPR on may 25th, 2018 we have seen a lot of changes in the way consumers and organizations perceive sensitive data, and the way it's being handled. In order to comply with the new regulations and the increasing demands of consumers, we...

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Simple Advice to Avoid Data Breaches

  In the data security landscape, we are mostly thinking about protecting ourselves against data security breaches done by malicious criminals. However, it turns out that most of the data breaches organizations experience could be avoided simply by correcting for...

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Six months after intruduction of GDPR

GDPRThe impact of the legislation from the GDPR is widespread and primarily sets out to harmonize the data privacy laws all over Europe while keeping the individual's rights in focus. The individuals, or the “data subjects”, will now have more freedom and transparency...

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