Healthcare institutions

We can all agree that communication in the healthcare sector must be secure. A lot of privacy-sensitive data is exchanged daily between patients, healthcare institutions, family doctors and health insurance providers. It concerns complete patient files and lists of medications that you wouldn’t want unauthorized parties to gain access to.

Most data breaches in healthcare

Web portals and e-mails are still used to exchange this data and yet these channels are not well protected or are highly complicated to use. This can be the cause of a data leak for the sender or recipient. Last year, the healthcare sector was responsible for most of the data leaks. 29% of all leaks (20,881 in 2018) were reported from organizations in healthcare. Even this year, most of the leaks come from this sector.

The consequences for the patient as well as the healthcare institution are significant. As an institution, under the new privacy laws of the GDPR, you are responsible for taking measures to prevent this from happening. In the Netherlands, there is another law where organizations need to comply with: the NTA 7516. It is an addition to the GDPR and needs to be followed by May 2020.

Secure emails with SmartLockr

SmartLockr is a secure and user-friendly email solution for safe communication. Using SmartLockr will:

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  • Prevent databreaches;
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    With SmartLockr you can reduce the chance of a data leak by 97%. Start now with secure e-mail and prevent your client files from falling into the wrong hands. Reduce the risk for yourself and for your clients.

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