Housing corporations

More and more data is available digitally, including at housing associations. As a housing association, you are busy digitalizing a lot of your information on renters including privacy sensitive information. Consider all the information that a renter needs to provide before they are allocated a house: contracts, copies of their passports, statements of employment and so forth. The biggest challenge in protecting this information is not the method of protecting itself but in creating awareness amongst staff members.

Unsafe exchange of files

About 30% of the Dutch population rents via a housing association which means that this sector is processing personal data from a considerable percentage of the population. However, it doesn’t only concern the processing of files during a rental request procedure, a lot of important data is shared in other cases as well such as payment defaults or noise disturbances. The result? A lot of communication during the processing of these files takes place via e-mail. The last thing that you want is for this information to be intercepted.

Secure emails with SmartLockr

SmartLockr is a secure and user-friendly email solution for safe communication. Using SmartLockr will:

  • Make your organization comply with the GDPR;
  • Prevent databreaches;
  • Enable the safe exchange of large files;
  • Safe your organization time and money.

    With SmartLockr you can reduce the chance of a data leak by 97%. Start now with secure e-mail and prevent your client files from falling into the wrong hands. Reduce the risk for yourself and for your clients.

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