Unfortunately, municipal offices often appear in the news because personal data has been made public due to a data leak. Consider the consequences of this: violating a citizens privacy is a no-go for a municipal office. As a municipal office you will be held responsible for a data leak and that means a damaged reputation, high costs and possibly fines. This on top of also suffering a lot of negative publicity.
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The introduction of the GDPR means that municipalities need to be more careful when handling personal data. In practice this means that privacy sensitive information such as copies of IDs, birth certificates and citizen service numbers need to be stored securely. But it doesn’t end there. Municipal officials have daily contact with citizens and stakeholders where the exchange of documents takes place. Both behind the reception desk as well as in digital form. The new legislation ensures that municipalities communicate securely and protect the exchange of personal data.

Many municipal offices use a web portal through which citizens can send documents by uploading them to a specially designed page. Once inside the municipal office, this information is frequently shared with stakeholders. In these cases, a secure e-mail channel is often not used whereby this sensitive information could still end up in the public domain. The result? That’s right, a data leak.

With SmartLockr you can reduce the risk of a data leak by 97%. Start using secure e-mail and prevent citizens privacy sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands. Reduce the risk as much as possible for the municipality, citizens and stakeholders. Interested in how we can make secure communication possible in your organisation?
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