As a pension provider you are processing personal data from various pensioners. This can include citizen service numbers, personal data such as age and address, as well as pension entitlements. The General Data Protection Regulation states that you need to comply with strict rules when it comes to the processing of all this personal data. The concerned parties need to be well informed and the personal data must be well protected.

Exchange of sensitive data

Unfortunately, it seems that the flow of data does not always run smoothly. Sending documents that are not sufficiently protected increases the risk of a data leak. Imagine the consequences of data from one of your clients suddenly becoming public information. The consequences would be enormous, not only for the client but also for your organization. You certainly wouldn’t want complete files containing bank account details to become visible to people with the wrong intentions.

With SmartLockr you reduce the risk of a data leak by 97%. Start with secure e-mail and prevent client information from falling into the wrong hands. Reduce the risk to your office as well as your client as much as possible.

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