Flexible prices for safe communication – what else do you need? SmartLockr makes your organization work GDPR compliant.

SmartLockr applies special prices for organizations in healthcare & education and non-profit organizations.


We will help your organization to start up with SmartLockr. This means that we will assist you in:

o mapping the needs of your organizations, regarding the use of SmartLockr
o adjusting the SmartLockr settings and
o providing you in all the information you need

We advise you to purchase licenses for 100% of the organization. By doing so, safe communication will be guaranteed and privacy-sensitive information can be shared safely. However, we require a minimum purchase of 50%. Other options can be discussed.

Would you like to get most out of SmartLockr? We have some optional services:

SmartLockr online product training
SmartLockr product training
SmartLockr adoption (product training and full onboarding on site)

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