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How well is your data protected within your organization? Check it here, with our checklist for secure communication:

SmartLockr Version 4: user-friendly and smart

SmartLockr V4 offers the solution for secure communication within every organization. By combining multiple applications and functionalities, we create a complete platform: the Intelligent Data Protection Platform .

Our updated platform cleverly responds to the main cause of data breaches: sending privacy-sensitive data to the wrong recipient. Due to a lack of awareness when sharing this data, a mistake is made quickly.

Smart application of technology gives us the opportunity to offer your organization a secure environment in which secure communication is central. This means that SmartLockr both responds to awareness, has the right powerful functionalities, is user-friendly and also has the right system specifications. SmartLockr thereby acts as a smart and secure safe for all your privacy-sensitive data.
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V4: updated and improved functionalities

Web Access
browser support

This is an add-in especially for Outlook Web Access, which enables secure mailing directly from the browser. Also for Mac users.

Multiple upload portals

The upload portal in V4 has been expanded with file specifications. You can easily specify the desired file type and file size. Multiple portals make it possible to make multiple selections.


Secure email from your Outlook environment with all the powerful functionalities to prevent data breaches, such as full e-mail encryption and multi-factor authentication.

Admin portal

The admin portal, or administrator portal, has been improved with multiple administrator options. For example, file types, branding, standard messages, content filters and upload portals can be created within this portal.

Secure Communication

This portal makes it possible for multiple people to participate in conversations, without taking place in Outlook. So you communicate completely securely within the portal.

Extensive branding options

The branding options make it possible for you to implement your complete corporate identity. You can adjust fonts, primary & secondary colors, background images and logos.


The use of an API provides links with various systems, such as DMS, ERP and CRM systems. This makes integration with SmartLockr easier.

Smart Filtering by Machine Learning

With the use of Machine Learning, data breaches can be prevented. By applying this technology, we can make our solution smarter and, for example, have deviations recognized.

email encryption

Encrypting the entire email is important to prevent data breaches. As a result, both attachments and email content remain inaccessible to unauthorized persons.

Multi-factor Authentication

An username and password are no longer of this time. By using multiple sources of identity, security becomes better and stronger. SmartLockr uses SMS authentication for this.


Are you a SmartLockr partner? Then you have multiple rights, so you can make and implement adjustments yourself.

Checklist for secure communication

Every organization that processes personal data must protect it properly. Have you already taken the right technical and organizational measures?

Download our checklist now and check whether the communication within your organization is really secure.