SmartLockr Secure Mailing

Secure e-mail is an option for every organisation with SmartLockr Secure Mailing. Instantly comply with all directives of the GDPR.

The personal data of staff as well as your business partners and external contacts remain protected. The exchange of files runs smoothly without you having to worry about a data leak. All this from your own familiar Outlook environment.

The recipient is never required to install additional software. In addition, no one needs to switch to a new environment where they need to log in to receive documents. By simply sending an upload request to a recipient, the they can receive files securely directly from the e-mail.

Secure data storage

Sent and received data needs to be stored somewhere. With SmartLockr you decide where this happens. If you choose to let us store it, then your data will be safely stored in our cloud. We use the Microsoft Azure Datacentre in Amsterdam. The datacentre and its services are certified at strong (ISO/IEC27018) in the area of privacy and security. Alternatively, you can choose to store the data on your own server, or that of your

Cloud or On Premises

Highlighted Features

Encrypt your e-mail and attachments

No file size limit

Track e-mails

Verification of e-mail and attachments

End-to-end encryption

Block attachments after sending

Retention period

Strongly encrypted TLS network connection

Web portal

Password protection

Upload Request

Receive data securely from external contacts

Do you receive a lot of information from external contacts? This can include bank statements, financial data, copies of IDs, and contracts. It is important that this information is sent to your organisation in a secure way. And yet external contacts are still using services such as WeTransfer or Dropbox, because they don’t have a secure solution available. The SmartLockr web portal provides a very simple solution to this problem.

Do you want to experience safe communication?

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